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22/05/2012 20:00-22:30
Hall 2
You know the problem. You need to send a file larger than a couple of megabytes to someone you collaborate with and the email comes back: attachment too big. Now what? While you look in the cracks of your couch hunting for an USB flash drive, you wonder why in the year 2012 it has to be this ridiculously hard to send large files across your state of the art NREN network

FileSender is designed to solve this problem: painless transport of arbitrarily large files to a private audience.

FileSender lets users with state-of-the-art browsers like FireFox and Chrome send files of any size, leveraging the HTML5 FileAPI standard. For users of other browsers a graceful fallback is provided using a small piece of Flash.

Since the release of version 1.0 of the software January 2011 the number of known FileSender sites has grown substantially, with 10 NRENs currently offering production services to their community and several more in the testing phase.

Out-of-the-box federated authentication using SimpleSAMLphp combined with a very small sysadmin footprint make FileSender an ideal service and federation-enabler: it solves a practical problem for your users and they will thank you for that.

The FileSender software is BSD licensed and available for free. Development is organised as an open source project, with core development funded by a number of NRENs. The project actively solicits community participation.

This BoF is for all of you who have deployed or are planning to deploy a FileSender install, or who are interested to hear what FileSender is all about. We'll be discussing the future of FileSender: development, adaptation to use cases, and of course funding -- we're entirely self-funded, and we rely on contributions from the participating NRENs. It would be fantastic if you could arrive at the meeting in Iceland having already investigated your ability to contribute to the project. Know that even smaller donations, in the order of EUR 5.000, help us future proof the project.

Other topics we'll be hoping to cover are the development roadmap, wishlists, lessons-learned, operational experiences, deployments that go beyond off-the-shelf such as high availability provisions.

If you're interested, want to discuss your experiences and wishes, or just want to appear in the group photograph, please drop in!

Promotional video of CloudStor, the AARNet instance of FileSender

Check the list of known installations for NRENs with FileSender installs

FileSender news and development updates: http://blog.filesender.org/
FileSender project website: http://www.filesender.org/