BoF: How can NRENs benefit from the use of social media? Save to my Google calendar

22/05/2012 20:00-22:30
Hall 3
TERENA's task force on communications and public relations (TF-CPR) is exploring the benefits of using social media in NREN PR and communications, collecting guidelines, strategies and best practices. But use of social media to support users, services and technical work is on the agenda of several other task forces too. To investigate how NRENs can benefit more widely, how to coordinate use of social media for maximum benefit, and ultimately find areas of common interest and how we can support each other, TF-CPR invites all interested TNC participants to contribute to this BoF.

Please note - TF-CPR is also holding a task force meeting on Sunday 20 May, immediately preceding the conference. Anyone with an interest in this area is welcome to join the meeting. An initial agenda will be available in March. More information is available via the TF-CPR page.