Demonstration: TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive pilot Save to my Google calendar

22/05/2012 14:30-15:00
Demo room
TERENA has launched the Trusted Cloud Drive pilot project. This project
explores possible deployment scenarios for a trusted cloud storage
service for NRENs. The first phase of the pilot being demonstrated is
based on a "cloud broker facility" that was developed with the purpose
of separating storage data (i.e. encrypted content) from metadata (i.e.
encryption keys, filenames, file size, dates, etc.). This allows easy
connection of both private and public storage back-ends and storage of
users’ data in a secure and privacy-preserving way. The cloud broker
facility has been installed at the TERENA Secretariat and connected to a
limited-storage back-end offered by TERENA. In the second phase, NRENs
will be invited to participate, either by adding their own cloud storage
back-end and / or developing new front-end applications to the cloud
broker. During this phase NRENs will be able to perform testing through
a limited number of end users, to provide feedback on the usability of
the system and to help shape and understand the type of service users
will ultimately be looking for.