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23/05/2012 14:30-15:00
Ciena booth
The ‘Playing with Light’ demonstration features research undertaken by the University of Amsterdam – using Ciena’s technology – on colourless photonic switching. UvA is researching the architecture of the future internet by creating a next generation infrastructure consisting of hybrid (routed, packet and optical photonic) networks connected via multi layer exchanges. One of the steps in this endeavour is to gain experience in the dynamic aspects of the photonic devices. In this proof of concept we demonstrate the transmission of content at different light frequencies or colours and the use of dynamically reconfigurable photonic devices to provide high-capacity media transport applications. The experiment shows the ability to optimise optical and Ethernet connections according to the type of traffic, content or nature of the application; like selecting a wavelength based optimum service path – similar to tuning into a radio station.

View the demo online at http://tnc.delaat.net