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20/05/2012 12:30-19:30
Hall 1
Aim of the workshop
REFEDS (Research and Education Federations) was created to bring together the R&E Identity Federation's Operators to discuss common practices, policies and procedures in particular to address inter-federation use-cases.

Thanks to external contributions in 2010 and 2011, REFEDS has been able to progress faster and in a more structured way.

During this meeting the REFEDS group will review the progresses made on various work items as defined in the summer 2011; for more information please refer to:


During the meeting the workplan for the 2012-2013 year will also be agreed.

Who should attend REFEDs?
REFEDs meeting are primarily addressed to identity federations operators and service providers operating in the R&E community. However REFEDs meetings are open to anybody interested in better understanding the Identity Federation business. Anybody is welcome to
contribute work to progress REFEDs Roadmap.