01 - European eInfrastructures Observatory

Jorge-A. Sanchez-P., Nikos Vogiatzis, Nektaria Berikou (JNP)

Designing and implementing e·Infrastructure policies and strategies requires proper knowledge of the status of e·Infrastructures’ development in a region/country, including its evolution over time as well as disseminating the results and success stories of respective organizations and individuals. One of the key challenges faced by e·Infrastructure providers though such as the National Research and Education Networks is to report the diversity and scope of their resources and their usage to funders and decision makers at national and European levels.

Responding to this strategic need, the European e·Infrastructures Observatory can provide to the e·Infrastructures community a comprehensive monitoring and dissemination framework that will allow stakeholders to keep overall track of the development and prospects in e·Infrastructures for Europe and beyond, including especially a frame of reference for assessing over time Networking infrastructures towards other global regions of interest, and disseminating worldwide e·Infrastructures success stories of European-led and European-supported initiatives.

The European e·Infrastructures Observatory has already reached a mature functional state. It is currently composed of 7 intuitive, interactive and user-friendly visualization tools that allow for a multidimensional and polymorphic panorama for analysis and dissemination of ežInfrastructures achievements, possessing more than 45 benchmarking indicators as well as more than 10.000 individual data figures.

Among the indicators monitored at the ežObservatory’s for networking infrastructure are the “NREN typical backbone capacity” and “direct IP connection to GEANT”, the “NREN IP traffic”, the “Congestion index”, the “NREN budget” as well as the milestone events that contributed to the development of Research and Education Networking in Europe and the footprint of GEANT and cross-border in Europe.

Such a facility can be of great interest and value, as a yardstick tool and a structured statistical framework for measuring the status of development of NRENs and other ežInfrastructures across the European Union and beyond, helping stakeholders and policymakers to monitor, analyse and measure economic, social, research and education benefits.

The European ežInfrastructures Observatory development has been co-funded by European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme under the ežnventory project (Grant Agreement no RI-261554).
The European ežInfrastructures Observatory acknowledges the vital contribution of the GEANT/TERENA compendium in the collection of networking related data as well as EGI and PRACE for grids and supercomputing related data.

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