10 - The Development of a Distribution-Model System for Sharing Digital Materials Utilizing Federation Technology

Takuya Matsuhira, Yoshiya Kasahara, and Yoshihiro Takata (Kanazawa University , Japan)

Opportunities for research-oriented collaborations among university laboratories and research institutes are increasing. But academic data other than literature, such as experiment observations remain unknown in the researcher's PCs and these distribution have not been sufficiently. The reason is that because such data is difficult to fit to an operating policy assuming general publication as a principle. Furthermore, research projects include multiple laboratories and research teams and it makes policies further complicated. Thus, we carried out the development of the “ARchive system for Cross-reference Across Distributed Environment (ARCADE)” as a distribution-model data cross-referencing system, able to support the various publication policies of researchers and research projects, even in research projects that cross organizations, i.e., virtual organizations. We implemented ARCADE as software operating under the Shibboleth environment to carry out user authentication through the Japanese academic federation “GakuNin”. And we used “GakuNin mAP” (like SWITCHtoolbox) to resolve group and administer members across organizations.

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