12 - Intercontinental e-Infrastructures for Science and Research

Federico Ruggieri (INFN), Ognjen Prnjat (GRNET), Salem Al-Agtash (ASREN), Maragaret Ngwira (UbuntuNet), Luis Nunez (CLARA), Neeraj Sinha (PSA), Gang Chen (IHEP), Rafael Mayo (CIEMAT), Ludek Matyska (CESNET)

The CHAIN initiative, co-funded by the European Commission aims to coordinate and leverage the efforts made over the past 6 years to extend the European e-Infrastructure (and particularly Grid) operational and organisational principles to a number of regions in the world. The regions include China, India, Latin America, South-East Asia, Africa, and the Arab region. CHAIN propagates the vision of a harmonised and optimised interaction model for e-Infrastructure between Europe and the rest of the world. The project is defining a strategy and a model for external collaboration, in close collaboration with EGI.eu, which will enable operational and organisation interfacing of European Grid Infrastructure and external e-Infrastructures. It is working to validate this model, as a proof-of-principle, by supporting the extension and consolidation of worldwide Virtual Research Communities, which require distributed facilities across the regions for trans-continental research. Limited number of reference communities has been chosen but the activity also aims to promote the continuity of support to the large spectrum of communities that are already supported within the regions.
Initial Virtual Research Communities are WeNMR (structural biology and
life sciences) and WRF4G (meteorology), while Climate Change and SuperB (High energy Physics) are under way and other domains have been
considered such as Agriculture and Health.

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