17 - Campus Best Practices

Vidar Faltinsen (UNINETT)

"Campus Best Practice” is a task within GÉANT (NA3/T4). We are now three
years into the project and a comprehensive set of results are available.
The overall objective is to address key challenges for campus networks
in Europe and provide an evolving and to-the-point set of best-practice
documents for the campus communities.

Work is done within six areas of focus; physical infrastructure, campus
networking, wireless, network monitoring, real-time communications and
security. The contributing NRENs organise national-level working groups
and invite technical staff from the universities to participate. The
working groups discuss challenges at hand and agree on common
best-practices. The documents are developed in the local language. After
national approval the final documents are translated to English and
published at geant.net and terena.org. Announcements are done at

Four NRENs are participating in the current work, namely UNINETT from
Norway, CSC/Funet from Finland, CESNET from the Czech Republic and AMRES
from Serbia. So far 44 best practice documents have been published. In
addition a number of workshops within the various areas of focus have
been organized. The team promotes the results at conferences across
Europe. New NRENs are encouraged to extend their campus involvement and
adopt the way the “Campus Best Practice” team is working.

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