20 - STUDENT - Mobile collaboration support using cloud services

Vaidas Brundza (Vilnius University)

In this new era of computing and networking, collaboration does not longer hold behind any boundaries. To achieve mutual goal in collaboration, extensive communication among all participants are necessary. For this purpose there are designed and presented multiple middleware platforms with varying set of features. Currently smartphones with android OS or iOS are very popular between academicals and students. Due to increasing speed, coverage and better Quality of Service support, mobile networks allows to enrich the set of tools available to make collaboration, or remote studying easier and globally reachable. Therefore we believe that in use with currently evolving cloud platforms, middleware platform designed with mobile users in mind can provide noticeable improvements in future collaborations.
In this work, we analyze current possibilities of provided service and propose the middleware platform design with a help of it. Most features rely on high quality 3G, WiMAX or LTE connections, available in most of the regions. Our design focuses on several areas. First is the extensive usage of currently available cloud services, which enables to conveniently share data, presentation slides, video streams, comments and other information required for collaboration without worrying about available space on the server or occurrence of connection errors. Audio comments can be added to every slide of presentations stored in the cloud and available to all users. Every stored file in system can be commented in order to reduce information separation, which is likely to occur if users are using emails, IMs or other tools. Secondly, we focus on delivering these services not only to PC users, but for mobile users. All files can be reached and edited by mobile devices which use Android OS or iOS. Users are able to upload video, audio or any other type of files without requirement to use personal computers. Another feature of design is offline file access. Users can select files with which they intend to work during travel, and it will be automatically downloaded to users’ device. Synchronization of files will also be done automatically, usually without user intervention. Most of the features are carried out by using open source tools and freely available software development toolkits.
The outcome of this work is the design of middleware platform, with described features available for mobile users, and additional features available for PC users. It defines used platforms and tools, design decisions and case study for different connectivity options available for mobile users (e.g. WiFi or LTE). This will possibly contribute to the future middleware platforms and encourage the usage of cloud platforms.

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