02 - GEMBus/ESB based Services Composition Platform for Cloud PaaS

Pedro Martinez-Julia (UMU.ES), Yuri Demchenko (UvA), Canh Ngo (UvA), Mary Grammatikou (GRNET), Constantinos Marinos (GRNET), Stella Kafetzoglou (GRNET), Roland Hedberg (UMU.SE), Antonio-David Pérez-Morales (RedIRIS), Elena Torroglosa (UMU.ES)

Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides an environment for creating and deploying user developed applications and services based on the development of applications platform provided on demand. Currently PaaS platforms include Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Cloud Foundry. Despite the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a popular platform for SOA based enterprise applications, its use as a PaaS platform is limited by its inherited single domain architecture and needs for manual configuration of the main components.
The GEMBus (GEANT Multidomain Bus), which is based on ESB, has being developed as platform for services composition in multidomain environment of the distributed GEANT services infrastructure. This poster will present a practical solution for building a service composition platform based on the GEMBus. To become a real PaaS platform, GEMBus needs to support automatic or interactive services composition and deployment. The poster proposes an approach how to make interactive services composition using general ESB functionality and services management framework and component services developed in GEMBus. The poster will update on the recent developments in GEMBus and will provide example of services composition using elementary composable services.
The presented work will provide a basis for discussion how the GEMBus can used as a future platform for user driven services composition for GEANT community.

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