26 - STUDENT - The virtual laboratory

Martin Hátaš (University of Hradec Kralove)

Teaching of IT subjects is the necessary part of modern study programs at not only technically-focused universities all over the world. Effective studying requires practical training that involves solving of real problems in specialized laboratories. Dynamical changes of simulated environment are common and frequent tasks for laboratory environment that is difficult to achieve with hardware equipment only. Example illustrates real solution provisioning support for subject Computer Networks at University of Hradec Kralove which is partially covered by Cisco Networking Academy programs. Presented concept of Virtual laboratory solves described claims and offers other benefits. It takes advantages of virtualization technologies and inspires in modern distributive cloud computing architecture approaches that results in complex and scalable platform for provisioning virtualized network devices and topologies on demand. Above that it places emphasis on open-source technologies. Except that Virtual laboratory automates a lot of routine actions it also gives students opportunity to practice 24/7 on the virtual network topology through web interface. Implementing of Virtual laboratory system results in efficient deploying of students labs that greatly saving time of lecturers and consequently improves student skills.

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