27 - STUDENT - The SmartCloud Terminal

Petr Šuba (University of Hradec Kralove)

In environments such as large companies, schools or other entities generally possessing many PC stations annually invests considerable resources in innovation of their computers whether due to increase performance or failure of the element. Over the years there were many zero-client solutions for virtualization desktop PCs. Virtualization already at this time and at companies commonly used in schools. Next logical step is transition to cloud technologies. And just clouds are opening up new possibilities for zero-clients and their deeper integration into the infrastructure. The aim of this project is to develop low-cost terminal station which would use cloud services in form of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. The device will be able to work with many different clouds from different vendors, both commercial and open-source. Device will be based on a new hardware device Raspberry Pi - ARM miniature computer for 35$ and it drastically reduces the end cost of solution. This cheap device without mechanical parts will replace normal PCs in classrooms and workrooms. Cloud terminal will limit the price invested in buying and upgrading regular PC stations.

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