03 - Defining Inter-Cloud Architecture Framework for Interoperability and Federation

Yuri Demchenko (UvA), Marc Makkers (UvA), Joan A. García-Espín (I2CAT), Canh Ngo (UvA), Cees de Laat (UvA)

This poster will present on-going research to develop the InterCloud Architecture that should address problems in multi-provider multi-domain heterogeneous Cloud based applications integration and interoperability, including integration and interoperability with legacy infrastructure services. Cloud technologies are evolving as a common way of infrastructure services and resources virtualisation and provisioning on-demand. In this way, they bring applications and infrastructure services mobility and physical/hardware platform independency to the existing distributed computing and networking technologies. The paper refers to existing standards in Cloud Computing, in particular, recently published NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA). The proposed InterCloud Architecture defines four complimentary components addressing inter-cloud interoperability and integration: multi-layer Cloud Services Model that combines commonly adopted cloud service models, such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, in one multilayer model with corresponding inter-layer interfaces; InterCloud Control and Management Plane that supports cloud based applications interaction; InterCloud Federation Framework, InterCloud Operation Framework.
The poster will refer to other projects and research where the authors are involved and which can contribute to the proposed InterCloud architecture development, such as the Composable Services Architecture and GEMBus being developed in GEANT project, the architectural framework for cloud infrastructure services provisioned on-demand being developed in the framework of GEYSERS project, and Infrastructure Services Modelling Framework being developed in NOVI project.
Suggestions for future coordinated research and developments will be provided.

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