04 - The Federated PoP facility in Hamburg

Paul van Daalen (SURFnet)

As a result of the GN3 JRA1 Task3 activity on Federated Network Architecture a test case based on the report findings was created in the so-called Hamburg Federated PoP. A sample multidomain architecture involving a limited number of 3 NREN’s (NORDUnet, PIONIER and SURFnet) interconnected via cross border fibers, offers a platform to further develop the operational model for federated network architecture. A poster presentation with the selected operational model can be discussed in detail with the authors being available for an in depth analysis.
A second goal for the poster session is to invite NREN researchers and related partners to use the Federated PoP facility for their own experiments in the next period. Representatives of participating NREN’s in the GN3 research activity are available to give more detailed information on the multidomain facility that is available now and how to use the federated PoP for their own research.

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