07 - RISE, a wide-area OpenFlow network testbed

Yoshihiko Kanaumi(NEC Corporation), Shu-ichi Saito (NEC Corporation / NICT), Eiji Kawai, Shuji Ishii, Tomoaki Takata (NICT) Kazumasa Kobayashi(NICT / Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts) Shinji Shimojo(NICT / Osaka University) *NICT: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

The approach of deploying hybrid wide-area OpenFlow networks is essentially important for gradual deployment of the OpenFlow technology into existing wide-area networks because it is impractical to replace such wide-area networks with OpenFlow-enabled ones at once. On the other hand, the design, deployment, and operation of such hybrid OpenFlow
networks are often conducted intuitively without in-depth technical considerations.

NICT deployed hybrid OpenFlow networks based on the experiences obtained so far in the development of its wide-area hybrid OpenFlow networks on JGN-X, which is nation-wide network testbed in Japan.

In the poster, we describe the design and operation of RISE (Research Infrastructure for large-Scale network Experiments) on JGN-X, whose objective is to support a variety of OpenFlow network experiments.
We focus on discussion of our architecture to cover long-haul transmission with applying technologies such as wide-area ethernet or pseudowire to overlay existing networks.

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