08 - Progress of Japanese academic access federation GakuNin in FY2011 –Introduction to LoA-

Kazu Yamaji, National Institute of Informatics, yamaji@nii.ac.jp Hiroyuki Sato, The University of Tokyo, schuko@satolab.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp Takeshi Nishimura, National Institute of Informatics Motonori Nakamura, National Institute of Informatics

The Japanese academic access federation, GakuNin, is deploying federated identify in Japan using the SAML 2.0 standard, primarily with Shibboleth software. GakuNin entered production operation in 2010, and has grown today to 40 IdPs and 43 SPs. The poster summarizes the GakuNin progress in FY2011 and the future plan, especially how to expand our trust framework in terms of level of assurance. International interoperability is always a priority concern of GakuNin. We are planning to share the baseline trust with global communities. As its first step, we have obtained membership of OIX. Our new perspective of the relationship between SAML based academic federation and OpenID world is also introduced. Our interest is not only to develop an appropriate gateway service between the two protocols but also to supply valuable attributes then to obtain attractive services for GakuNin participants. In addition, the federation focuses on additional technologies beyond just operational management. Of these new technologies, we will specifically introduce our registration system, new discovery service tool, virtual organization system and its related services.

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