09 - uApprove.jp: User Consent Acquisition System in GakuNin

Motonori Nakamura, National Institute of Informatics Takeshi Nishimura, National Institute of Informatics Kazu Yamaji, National Institute of Informatics

The release of personal information from an IdP to an SP has an issue on personal information privacy in an access management federation, and its treatment is regulated by laws. As a solution for the issue, SWITCH, the Switzerland higher education and research network, developed a user consent acquisition system (UCAS) as a plugin for Shibboleth IdP 2.x called uApprove. The GakuNin (a Japanese academic federation) also provides uApprove.jp, which is an extended version based on uApprove, to support detailed control on releasing user’s attributes required by an SP as optional attributes. uApprove.jp displays mandatory attributes (no checkbox) and optional attributes (with checkboxes) on the user's browser. The user can select optional attributes to be released for the SP by crossing checkboxes. When the user clicks a confirm-button to give consent, both mandatory and selected optional attributes are released to the SP. The uApprove.jp also has an experimental implementation to support user consent flow required in EU. uApprove.jp can be obtained at https://www.gakunin.jp/docs/en/fed/uApprove-jp

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