Widening the number of e-Infrastructure users with Science Gateways and Identity Federations

In the recent past, interesting developments have been independently carried out by the Grid community with Science Gateways(*) and by the National Research and Education Networks with Identity Federations to ease, from one side, the access and use of Grid infrastructures and, from the other side, to increase the number of users authorised to access network-based services. INFN and COMETA are developing since more than a year, in the context of the several EU funded projects, a new type of Science Gateway that exploits an authentication schema based on Identity Federations and aims at making the access to e-Infrastructures wider and easier. In this presentation we report on the work done to integrate our Science Gateways with SAML-based systems and register them as Service Providers of several national Identity Federation and of the eduGAIN inter-federation. Benefits and issues will be presented and discussed. A special focus will be given to problems encountered in the day-by-day administration of the Science Gateway for users with federated identities.




  • M. Fargetta
  • M. L. Mantovani
  • B. Monticini
  • R. Barbera