Moonshot-enabled Federated Access to Cloud Infrastructure

Managing cloud infrastructure across many organisations can be complex. One area of complexity is in the management of identities. These include identities of people who build and provision cloud infrastructure, as well as the end consumers of the services running on it. Eduserv is building a cloud for the UK education community. This session shows how we are tackling the problems of identity provision to cloud infrastructure using federated login. Our approach uses traditional SAML login to a web-based console to manage infrastructure, as well as Moonshot-enabled login to infrastructure. This means we can achieve end-to-end management of cloud infrastructure from provisioning right through to access to services, using solely federated credentials. The result is the ability to rapidly scale infrastructure, while knowing that the right people can seamlessly gain access to it. The session discusses our experiences of building and managing clouds using VMWare vCloud, as well as how we are using Mooshot now, and its potential for the future.



  • David Orrell, Eduserv

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