The Future Internet, Networking Challenges

For over 25 years the research community has developed specialized private networks to accelerate research collaboration. While much of the focus has been on bandwidth capacity and reach there has also been consistent and sustained experiments in control plane technologies. Some claimed the bandwidth problem was solved with the advent of 10G Ethernet in 2001. Others simply posed the rhetorical question, “got Bandwidth? What about control?” This presentation offers a 10 year selective retrospective on the evolution of control plane technologies as evidenced through some of the breakthrough demonstrations at various R&E events and experimentation in private experimental networks. The presentation concludes with extrapolations on future experiments and challenges facing high performance networks capacity and control.



  • Presented and prepared by Rodney G. Wilson of Ciena, but the content is based on collbaoration with the network research community and represents the efforts for literally hundreds of researchers and innovators.

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