Federated identity and scholarly identity - a match made in heaven?

The presentation has two aims. First, to introduce - to a technical identity federation / networking audience - latest developments in the scholarly identity space, with a focus on the technical & social infrastructure being created by the Open Researcher & Contributor ID initiative (ORCID: http://www.orcid.org). Second, to outline some key areas of overlap, common challenges and potential opportunities for collaboration between ORCID and identity federations. The material is in part based on discussions at - and following - the IRISC2011 workshop (http://irisc-workshop.org/irisc2011-helsinki/) which took place in Helsinki 12-13 September, 2011.



  • Gudmundur A. Thorisson
  • Mikael Linden
  • Anthony J. Brookes
  • Myles Byrne
  • Juha Muilu
  • Tommi Nyronen