Overlay Network Based Optimization of Data Flows in Large Scale Client-Server-based Game Architectures for Deployment on Cloud Platforms

We present results that were obtained by combining a scalable architectural design for Networked Virtual Environments (NVEs) with a generic optimization infrastructure for content streaming, respectively ALVIC-NG and the NIProxy. Both were developed at the Expertise Centre for Digital Media. Although the two are – at first sight – targeting unrelated application areas, it turns out that the application knowledge available in ALVIC-NG can effectively be used to instruct the adaptation infrastructure of the NIProxy to change the way in which data is delivered to the end-user. The end-effect of these optimizations is a fine-grained ability for the combined architecture to deliver the required NVE content to the end-user while optimizing bandwidth usage. Because of the dynamic and three tier design of ALVIC-NG, the combined architecture also lends itself for deployment on cloud platforms. To test the viability of our approach, several experiments were conducted. A description of these experiments and their results will be covered in the presentation.



  • Prof. dr. Peter Quax
  • Prof. dr. Wim Lamotte
  • dr. Maarten Wijnants
  • Wouter Vanmontfort
  • Robin Marx

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