geant GÉANT Federation Lab

Identity Federation interoperability is incredibly important. Today Identity Federations struggle with the flexibility introduced in the SAML protocol. Too many options, and alternative ways to do the same, result in unpredictability around product interoperability. In our Identity Federations, inter-connected through cross-federations, deployments are more important than products, and it does not scale to perform matrix testing, nor manual testing. The GÉANT Federation Lab selects a different approach to increase interoperability. The Federation Lab includes a full implementation of SAML, and runs through a large set of automated tests for selected border-cases that is expected to potentially cause problems in implementations. The Federation Lab is split into a backend that runs the tests, and a front-end that allows the user to configure metadata and visually observe the test progress and results. Kantara Initiative together with the OpenID Community approached GÉANT for a partnership on building a Federation Lab for the new emerging OpenID Connect to focus on interoperability from the early beginning of a new Identity protocol. The Federation Lab for OpenID Connect is already available in a public technology preview, and will be demoed at TNC2012!



  • Andreas Åkre Solberg, UNINETT
  • Roland Hedberg, ITS, Umeå Universitet,

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