IPv4 and IPv6 in the RIPE NCC Service Region

This presentation will give an overview of the state of IPv4 exhaustion: when IANA ran out, where the other RIRs’ stand and how many IPv4 addresses are left in the RIPE NCC’s pool (and when we expect to run out). We’ll also discuss the relevant RIPE policies about how the last /8 of IPv4 addresses will be distributed in the RIPE NCC service region and the special review procedures to ensure fair distribution. One of the RIPE NCC’s key responsibilities as a Regional Internet Registry is to keep a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date record of Internet number resources distributed in its service region. There are currently 2,500 organisations that hold “legacy space” – IPv4 addresses distributed by IANA prior to the formation of the RIPE NCC as an RIR. The registrations were later transferred to the RIPE NCC and we were charged with administrative responsibility for them. The vast majority of these registrations are outdated and inaccurate so we are in the process of contacting legacy space holders to encourage them to update their registration(s). I expect many TERENA attendees in the audience could hold legacy space and this is a good opportunity to reach out to them. We’ll then give an overview of IPv6 deployment: what the RIPE NCC is doing to encourage deployment, the stats and measurements that show the current distribution of IPv6, and how the RIPE community can participate in the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP).



  • Mirjam Kühne

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