A new approach for adding metadata to online media. The results of two MediaMosa technology-scouting projects.

This presentation shows the results of two technology-scouting projects which were committed to explore new tools and functionalities in the field of online video, using MediaMosa. In the project: 'Video Transcription Technology', techniques like automatic video transcription or speech-to-text, have been investigated to automatically generate metadata from spoken text to improve metadata and search ability. In the project: 'HTML5 Video Content Annotation', HTML5 is used to collect and manage user-generated metadata and annotations. The purpose of this project was to investigate how different forms of crowd-sourced video annotation could be combined to enrich the video, to enhance the accessibility, but also to make watching video a more interactive process. And best of all....This presentation will be enriched with demo's!



  • Frans Ward, SURFnet

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