geant AutoKNF – “end customer” AutoBAHN deployment

The project AutoKNF is based on the AutoBAHN tool which implements a Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) service. At a rather early state of development of the AutoBAHN system and the underlying infrastructure, a field test from an "end customer" point of view was initiated. Two NRENs (DFN, NORDUnet) are involved spanning a 1GE infrastructure over the dynamical AutoBAHN data plane of DANTE/Géant3 between end hosts at KIT at Karlsruhe and NORDUnet at Copenhagen. With this testbed the robustness, boundaries of the infrastructure, as well as the necessary knowledge to establish a dynamic circuit and the "self-explaining" of the reservation of the infrastructure will be evaluated. Furthermore the infrastructure in NORDUnet will be extended to a far north side within the distributed LHC Tier-1 Center of NDGF and exchange experiment data via the AutoBAHN infrastructure with DE-KIT (the German LHC Tier-1 center).


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