Topology Issues in Inter-Domain Connection Services

At two recent events, the GLIF meeting in Rio de Janeiro and SuperComputing11 in Seattle, many parties collaborated to create the first interoperable automated inter-domain circuit provisioning demonstration. The demonstration showed that seven different implementations could successfully communicate to exchange path reservations, queries and requests. In the demonstrations at GLIF and SC11 we have used a static centrally managed global topology description for a very small and very simple network. This description was expressed using a simple OWL[OWL] ontology. This ontology allowed domains to describe themselves, and express their edgeports, (the service destinations inside each network). The domain description also contained a description of the Network Service Agent responsible for that network domain, including its address, and perhaps most importantly – the adjacencies that existed between the networks. This information was minimally sufficient, but we learned – even from this very small pilot project – that a more powerful and automated topology model is critically important. In the talk we will discuss the experiences at recent events, what we have done to improve this, and the identified issues going forward.



  • Jeroen van der Ham (UvA)
  • Jerry Sobieski (NORDUnet)
  • Cees de Laat (Uva)

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