MEGHA - Spanish R&E InterCloud Initiative

Cloud Computing represents a radical change in the way we organize and use computing resources and storage. The scientific and academic communities face the challenge of not only adapting their procedures to this new paradigm, but also contributing Cloud Computing development and leading its evolution towards open, secure and interoperable computing infrastructures, which will playing a key role in the advent of the Intercloud. The mission of the MEGHA Working Group is to promote the development of innovation in Cloud Computing technologies within the scope of the institutions affiliated to RedIRIS covering all its aspects: R&D, education and management. In parallel, MEGHA intends to act as a catalyst for the application of open and interoperable Cloud technologies in other areas in which it can influence, such in business in government.



  • Carlos Fernández (CESGA)
  • Ignacio Martín Llorente ( UCM - OpenNebula)
  • Xavier Espinal (PIC)
  • Antonio Fuentes (RedIRIS)
  • Jordi Guijarro (CESCA)

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