FireCircle: GRNET’s approach to advanced network security services’ management via bgp flow-spec and NETCONF

Security is a major concern of today’s networks and in particular reactive protection against network attacks. In this presentation a new security provisioning service is presented, named “FireCircle”, that was designed and implemented in-house by GRNET Network Operations Center, using open-source tools and platforms. Currently, the service is deployed in GRNET’s production network allowing its users to mitigate attacks within seconds. The points that make FireCircle unique are its open-source code, the incorporation of a web GUI that speeds up attack mitigations and the interaction with the devices which is carried out by NETCONF. On top of these, and since the service is based on bgp.flow-spec, add the nature of bgp that allows for deployment in multi-domain environments with minimum overhead.



  • Leonidas Poulopoulos
  • Michalis Mamalis
  • Andreas Polyrakis

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Networking security

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