Deploying IPv6 - practical problems from the campus perspective

The purpose of this presentation is to share experiences with deploying IPv6 in the university campus network and describe the most significant troubles that we have been faced with. Many problems met during the IPv6 deployment at the university environment are very similar to problems that ISPs have to also solve. Huge amount of users using mixed platforms and their differed requirements brings many problems that are not present in a typical enterprise environment. Techniques for IPv6 address assignment implemented differently in various operating systems (OS) can be one of the examples. Missing implementations of security tools (RA Guard, SEND, SAVI etc.) is also a serious issue. Privacy extensions, is often in contradiction with ISP's needs - that is accounting, billing and the user tracking in order to solve security incidents. Transition techniques can raise security problems - it is possible to overcome ISP's firewalls. Improperly configured operation systems sending rogue Router Advertisement can cause network malfunctioning etc. The presentation tries to point out the major problems and describe some ways to solve the problems.



  • Tomas Podermanskí, Brno University of Technology
  • Matěj Grégr, Brno University of Technology

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