An NSI client for e-VLBI

NSI (Network Services Infrastructure) is a new protocol for inter-domain Bandwidth-on-Demand services. This protocol is currently under design in the OGF (Open Grid Forum), as a way to tackle the challenging problem of automatically provisioning lightpaths that cross national and administrative borders. International BoD promises a much more flexible and efficient use of networking resources for e-VLBI and other data-intensive e-science applications. As part of the NEXPReS project, JIVE has developed an NSI client that allows us to reserve networking resources in advance of our radio-astronomical observations. This simple client is based on standard tools such as Apache, PHP, MySQL and SOAP. In this presentation we will discuss the development and design of our NSI client and the results of the first networking tests we've carried out recently.



  • Paul Boven
  • Fedde Bloemhof

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