Dynamic creation of end-to-end virtual networks for science and cloud computing leveraging OpenFlow/Software Defined Networking

From enterprise computing to data-intensive scientific research, compute and storage resources are being allocated, dynamically, from a geographically diverse set in public or private “cloud” data centers. For many applications, remote computational model requires movement of large amounts of data to and from these distributed resources, both by IT administrators and application users. This paper and presentation, ECSEL (End-to-End Circuit SErvice at Layer 2), showcases how software-defined networking (SDN), a new and upcoming paradigm using the OpenFlow protocol, can be leveraged to easily stitch an end-to-end circuit that is application driven, fully automated, and requires least amount of network administrator involvement while accomplishing spectacular data-transfer results. In the SDN architecture, ECSEL sits at the application layer fully using the APIs provided by an OpenFlow controller and WAN circuit setup software like On-Demand Secure Circuits Advanced Reservation Service (OSCARS) to help create this end-to-end, integrated multi-domain service.



  • Inder Monga
  • Eric Pouyoul
  • Brian Tierney

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Software defined networking

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