The missing link between NREN and IaaS

The use of cloud-services is increasing. While many institutions are investigating Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there’s also work to be done on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service level (IaaS). IaaS as raw building blocks is the answer for many applications in our educational space, as part of the curriculum or research, as well as traditional IT services. NRENs play an important role here as trusted party between the institutions and service-providers, and can accelerate use and help to address the issues specific to our community.

In order to make the IaaS cloud more accessible towards member institutions, SURFnet got in touch with various IaaS suppliers. To bring IaaS closer to our community, we worked with GreenQloud to enable on-the-fly account provisioning with federated authentication, and are investigating the use of groups and teams from our federations to enable collaboration. Also, inter domain network connections via our partner research-networks might help to bring IaaS closer to our community.

Besides these typical community features, we’re putting strong emphasis on using green resources, and consider the legal implications of using an IaaS cloud.

A couple of use-cases tested with our institutions and GreenQloud will be mentioned briefly.


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