First results from SSEDIC: One year Scoping a Single European Digital Identity Community

Digital Identity is a critical element for a digital society as proposed by the Digital Agenda for Europe. The width and breadth of the subject makes it mean different things in different sectors, even to different projects funded by the European Commission. Thus, having a network that provides a platform for all the stakeholders of electronic identity to work together and collaborate to prepare the agenda for a proposed Single European Digital Identity Community, is of prime importance to the achievement of said goals. The network, SSEDIC, is working on identifying the actions and the timetable for the Digital Agenda and the successful launch of the European Large Scale Action and European Innovation Partnerships, as well as to provide a multi stakeholder planning resource to assist its implementation. A first batch of deliverables will be presented to the European Commission at the end of February 2012 and then made available to the public. This paper will present the SSEDIC expert network as it is now, what has been done to build the network and the accomplishments of its first year. But, the most important aim of this paper is to increase awareness about SSEDIC and reach out to some valuable contributors that had not yet been identified to get them involved in the network.


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