Croatian online eduBookstore: Digital textbooks from the 1st grade to post-doc

Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet) initiated a project of textbook digitalisation encompassing the education system from primary school to higher education - online eduBookstore. The project envisages converting all the available and already approved textbooks by any interested educational publisher into a digital format (ePub). An online platform, also available as an application for Android and iStore, will be used to distribute and administer the textbook sale, as well for reading and manipulating the e-textbooks. The testbed platform is developed in collaboration with a firm which has already developed the basic functionalities of book purchase and their download to 6 devices in a pdf and/or ePub format. The system protects the books with Adobe eBook DRM. Based on further technical specification by CARNet, the platform is adapted to specific user groups, depending on their role in the education system. A personalised view will be developed for school students, teachers, university students and professors, each of which will be adapted to the knowledge level of the target group as well as their preferences. The eduBookstore project should provide a basis for introduction of approved digital textbooks into the instruction process on all levels of the education system thus overcoming several crucial difficulties in the Croatian educational community (e.g. narrow target audience for specialised university or VET textbooks – which are then either very expensive or non-existant; heavy schoolbags, expensive books, outdated resources) and modernising the teaching and learning process.



  • Branka Vuk
  • Nino Ćosić
  • Mirta Janeš
  • Marijana Pezelj
  • Andrijana Prskalo-Maček

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