Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer, the GEYSERS Holistic Approach for Infrastructure Virtualisation

In the scope of the European 7th Framework Program project GEYSERS, this paper presents the Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer (LICL) concepts and the design for manipulating physical and virtual infrastructure resources, as well as the Virtual Infrastructure as a resource itself, both from IT and network domains. It elaborates in the LICL as the basis for the Future Internet infrastructure management, in the context of the GEYSERS project ecosystem. Furthermore, we present the different service life cycles and life times for the virtual infrastructure resources.



  • Jordi Ferrer Riera, Sergi Figuerola (i2CAT)
  • Mattijs Ghijsen, Yuri Demchemko, Cees de Laat (UvA)
  • Jens Buysse, Marc De Leenheer, Chris Develder (IBBT)
  • Fabienne Anhalt, Sébastien Soudan (Lyatiss)

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Network Virtualisation

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