Scaling Data Center Networks

Horizontal scaling of Data Center by adding more VMs, servers, and network ports allows to grow to a limit before the underlying network infrastructure starts imposing scalability problems. The strict L2/L3 partitioning of DC network does not allow for scalable VM migration, and amount of network service traffic grows above linearly with increasing DC network size. This session analyzes DC network architecture and design with focus on network scalability. Address resolution scaling in flat L2 domain, L3 edge and service VPN connectivity, VM migration impact on network operation are discussed. New developments in IETF covering DC networks are presented, covering ARMD work and proposed overlay mechanisms for scalable L2/L3 address mapping for VM migration. Overview and design scenarios of ARP flooding optimizations, VXLAN, NVGRE, OTV, EVPN, TRILL applications are given, possible IP mobility applications in DC networks, and a growing importance of hypervisor role in network operation.



  • Ignas Bagdonas currently holds a role of Solutions Architect in Advanced Services group of Cisco Systems. His main focus areas are on service provider related networking architectures and technologies.

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Network Virtualisation

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