Towards Open eduroam Coverage Data

In this paper we present work at the University of Southampton, undertaken with the support of JANET(UK), to develop an eduroam ‘companion’ application for the iPhone and Android platforms. The initial specification of the app included displaying ‘official’ eduroam locations drawn from KML data from the eduroam.org site, with application users allowed to contribute their own data points with the goal of crowd-sourcing more accurate and complete coverage maps. While the apps are attracting a lot of interest, they have also raised some higher level questions, in particular how eduroam coverage data should be represented, and how this can be done in a way that is scalable internationally, so that such a ‘companion’ app can be used worldwide, and other apps could be developed from such open coverage data.



  • Tim Chown, University of Southampton
  • Mark O'Leary, JANET(UK)

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