Students' perceptions, expectations and behavior on engaging digital media tools in Higher Education

• Brief description of three homegrown lecture recording systems in Osnabruck, Saskatchewan and Tel Aviv Universities, as a background for the study on student use of these systems • Study of students' perception, expectation and behaviors, based on data collected from the universities of Tel Aviv, Osnabruck and Saskatchewan • Study data, updated after 3 learning periods (semesters) of such systems use for fully online courses in TAU (maybe also from Univ. of Osnabruck, not confirmed at the time of writing) • TAU user experience as an early adopter of Opencast Matterhorn, from the point of view of installation and integration with homegrown lecture capture system • How to make a self recording of slides and video, integrated in a single video file, using a very simple tool (live demonstration) based on the TAU homegrown lecture recording system


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