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Title Session
100G coherent system interoperability 100G
10 Years of eduroam (from an idea to a product) TERENA Middleware Task Forces' Greatest Hits
4G + eduroam: Opportunity for NRENs All your WIFI are belong to us
4K Grabber, Innovative methods of data acquisition from embedded systems High resolution visualisation
6Mon: Rogue IPv6 Router Advertisement detection and mitigation and IPv6 address utilization network monitoring tool IPv6
A CDN network incident Delivering the content
ADVA Optical Networking: How to Reduce Carbon Footprint Panel discussion: how can industry help us to be green?
A new approach for adding metadata to online media. The results of two MediaMosa technology-scouting projects. Curating the content
An NSI client for e-VLBI NSI: Global Dynamic Circuits
Asynchronous provisioning using SAML2 AttributeQuery Lightning Talks
AutoKNF – “end customer” AutoBAHN deployment Network control and management
Being an SP administrator The good, the bad and the ugly of Identity Federation
Bringing crypto to the masses Lightning Talks
Bringing governance into distributed R&D software development - GÉANT case study Security and Governance
Building a Green ICT community Green and clean
Building an Open Data Infrastructure for Science: Policy and Practice Up to the clouds
Building Community Services TERENA Middleware Task Forces' Greatest Hits
Calculating the Availability of Services IT service management
Central Management of 300 Firewalls and Router Access-Lists Networking security
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