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Widening the number of e-Infrastructure users with Science Gateways and Identity Federations The good, the bad and the ugly of Identity Federation
Who Burnt the Cookies?
What's mine is mine, what's yours is... Lightning Talks
What makes protocol engineering successful? Hot topics from the IETF
What Is the Role of the CIO in the Consumerized Cloud World? Wednesday plenary
What is a Digital Portfolio? Lightning Talks
Welcome by the University of Iceland Opening plenary
Welcome by the Icelandic Ministry of Economic Affairs Opening plenary
Welcome by TERENA's President Opening plenary
VOOT Web Identity episode IV - A New Hope
Volcanoes and Sustainable Cloud Computing Cloud infrastructure
Unified Communications in Anella Científica Lightning Talks
Unhosted - see our BoF session in the main hall at 18:00 ⇢ ⇢ Lightning Talks
Towards Open eduroam Coverage Data All your WIFI are belong to us
Topology Issues in Inter-Domain Connection Services NSI: Global Dynamic Circuits
TNC2013 Announcement Closing plenary
The Tor Project Wednesday plenary
The Square Kilometer Array – A next generation scientific instrument and its implications for networks The BIG ones
The Post-IPocalypse Internet Tuesday plenary
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