Wednesday plenary
Web Identity episode IV - A New Hope
Up to the clouds
Tuesday plenary
The good, the bad and the ugly of Identity Federation
The Federalist Papers
The BIG ones
TERENA Middleware Task Forces' Greatest Hits
Software defined networking
Security and tools
Security and Governance
Scientific Schizophrenia - How many identities do YOU have?
Panel discussion: how can industry help us to be green?
Optical networking and beyond
Opening plenary
NSI: Global Dynamic Circuits
Network Virtualisation
Networking security
Networking for apps
Network control and management
Lightning Talks
IT service management
It's all about scale
International collaboration
Infrastructure for collaboration
Hot topics from the IETF
High resolution visualisation
Green and clean
Delivering the content
Curating the content
Cloud infrastructure
Closing plenary
All your WIFI are belong to us