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Janet UK (United Kingdom)

Mark O'Leary

Mark O’Leary is janet’s network development group manager, with a background focus on access and identity management technologies. He assumed responsibility for janet’s eduroam development programme in 2005 and since then has worked towards increased footprint, usability and ease of deployment. Along the way this has resulted in an eduroam-related iPhone app, temporary self-configuring 'meeting support' eduroam instances, permanent eduroam coverage on public transport, and a roaming visualisation tool. Starting in 2009 he led the market research and procurement activities for a Janet 3G service which successfully launched in April 2011. He has been an active member of TF-MNM for several years, and is currently workstream leader for location-aware aspects of mobility within that group. In November 2011, Mark was appointed product manager for the GN3 Mobile Connectivity Feasibility Study.

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