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Peter Szegedi

Peter Szegedi joined TERENA in January 2008. He is one of the Project
Development Officers who assist the task forces and contribute to
technical projects and workshops. He is currently the secretary of
TF-Storage, TF-Media, TF-NOC, and the GLIF Technical Working Group as
well as coordinator of the End-to-End Network Provisioning and the Video
& Web Conferencing activities and looks after the NRENum.net service. He
participated in the EC funded projects FP7-FEDERICA (leader of NA2 and
JRA2 activities) and IST-MUPBED. Péter received his MSc degree in
Electrical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and
Economics, in Hungary, in 2002. He then worked towards a PhD at the
Department of Telecommunications. Peter worked for Magyar Telekom Plc.
as a Research and Development Manager between 2004 and 2008.

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