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Jorge-Andres Sanchez-Papaspiliou

Jorge-A. Sanchez-P. holds Dipl.-Ing. and Dr.-Ing. degrees from NTUA and a Master's from the Stevens Institute of Technology. He has been with AT&T Bell Laboratories/USA, Lucent Technologies/The Netherlands, GRNET and Corallia/Greece. He has served as an expert for the EC, Governments, EICTA, TERENA, telecom companies and VCs. He has served in the BoD of the Alexandria Innovation Zone and CEENet. He was a founding member of eIRG and an expert for the EARNEST foresight study. He has served as the Greek National Expert on RIs for FP6 and at the Computing and Data Treatment Group of ESFRI. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the European Clusters Observatory. He is a founder of JNP. He has more than 30 articles in journals and conferences and more than 40 invited speeches.

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