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Cathrin Stover

Cathrin Stöver is Chief International Relations and Communications Officer in DANTE responsible for the management of relationships with NREN organizations and regional bodies in other world regions. Since the reorganization of DANTE in March 2012, Cathrin is also responsible for DANTE external Communications.

Within the EC funded GN3 project, Cathrin is responsible for the Activity on liaison and support covering GN3 international and internal relations, support for pan-European and international users and projects, dialogue with standards and industry and the addressing of digital divide issues within Europe.

Cathrin is project manager of the AfricaConnect project working towards the creation of an R&E networking infrastructure in sub Saharan Africa. Cathrin leads a team of European and African colleagues working through procurement, operations, communications, etc of the Ubuntunet network to be created through AfricaConnect funding.

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