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Ubuntunet Alliance

Margaret Ngwira

Margaret Ngwira was a founding Director of UbuntuNet Alliance (which works closely with DANTE in implementing the EU AfricaConnect Project). She is currently Special Projects Coordinator, based at the Secretariat in Lilongwe, Malawi. Current projects include working on the implementation of eduroam and in building Communities in areas such as Grid Computing. From 1996 – 2002 she assisted in establishing the University of Namibia Faculty of Agriculture as a 21st Century institution. A Librarian by profession, in 1991 she developed a pre-html Hypertext information system for Malawi and in 1999 led a team designing web based training for environmental information specialists for Southern Africa.

Her expertise therefore lies in the development of innovative information products. She has facilitated content training across Africa and as far afield as Palestine. She was a founder of MALICO, the Malawi Library and Information Consortium (and closely involved in the project to obtain the MALICO VSAT network in 2003). She was also a founder of MAREN, the Malawi Research and Education Network. Within the framework of UbuntuNet Alliance, she has participated in the EU FP7 GLOBAL Project, ERINA4 Africa and CHAIN.

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